Secret "Skynet" action International pursuit of stolen stolen way: extraditable repatriation

Third, through foreign civil lawsuits for stolen goods
China's new network on April 10, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of Supervision website published today, "International pursuit of stolen goods start" Skynet "action" Skynet "in the end is what kind of network? ", The text describes the flight of personnel involved in the case and the recovery of money. The article said, "Skynet" action is the deployment of the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group launched an important action against the flight of corrupt elements, launched in March this year. March 28, "Skynet" action to achieve major victories, two fled to foreign suspects voluntarily surrendered. There are four kinds of ways to escape: First, extradition, a country will be in the territory of foreign allegations for criminals or sentenced, should be foreign requests, sent to the foreign trial or punishment; the second is illegal immigrants repatriation, The requesting State shall provide the foreigner with a legal status of residence to the country where the fugitive is located, and the repatriation shall be forcibly repatriated by the requested State; thirdly, the requesting State shall provide the requesting State with evidence of the evidence The requesting State filed a lawsuit against the fugitive offender in accordance with its domestic law; four persuaded the victim to carry out persuasion and education, so that he would take the initiative to return home to accept the treatment. There are five kinds of ways of stolen goods: one is through the bilateral criminal justice assistance treaty or extradition of the treaty; second is the use of stolen goods in the country where the proceeds of crime or other domestic law to recover the stolen goods; third through foreign civil lawsuits for stolen goods; Fourth, the use of criminal policy to promote the suspects or their relatives automatically return stolen goods; Fifth, the provisions of the confiscation of criminal law procedures for stolen goods.

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